T&M model

With a T&M contract, you direct the development process the way you prefer.

T&M model


Instead of planning and talking about the project you WANT to build, you START building and testing right away and HAVE worthwhile sprints.

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Focus on the business value

Focus on the business value

Bringing your product to potential end-users is faster because you can provide rapid and relevant feedback to the development team with each iteration and prioritize features that will bring you revenue.

Magento 2 Development Services

Scale Development Based on Your Needs

Scale development based on your needs

We work with you to define everything about your project, estimate it within a specific amount of time or a certain budget, and determine every task. With all items in the backlog, you decide when you want to launch MVP and finish the project.

Magento 2 Development Services

Validate the value of your project faster

If you start developing right away, the first results are seen much faster. Having all necessary steps defined in the product backlog, you can always see how much work is done and keep track of the time spent on the development process.


What is the difference between T&M and Fixed-price contracts?

With Time and Material contract, clients are paying for actual work scope based on hourly rates. A Fixed-price contract is a contract where a service provider is accountable for completing the project within the agreed time scope and budget.
Can I change project requirements during the contract?

Yes, you can. The T&M contract allows you to be flexible and adjust project requirements, replace features, test the project in the early phase, and involve users in getting the MVP faster.
Do I have to work in Scrum or I can choose other methodologies?

Our focus is on quality web development and end results, meaning we are open to the idea of combining different methodologies to get the best product and website development results.

You are not sure whether your project fits T & M contract?

Contact us, we are happy to help.

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