Women's International Day Is Everyday

Celebrating Women's International Day is a great way to honor and empower women. However, one day is not enough.


Empowering women to be all they want is one of our team's core values. This year, we decided to go a step further. 


We know there are many outstanding women in business outside our team - we want to get to know you!


During the year, we will organize different events and dedicate a part of our content to telling your stories. We want to empower and inspire you so that you can really ''Be All You Want To Be''! 


Join us, and let's move the limits together!

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The WHY Behind the Campaign

One could easily argue that women have equal opportunities in the workplace as men and that gender prejudice does not exist. 


Stats and numbers tell a completely different story. 


Women still earn less on average compared to men employed in the same positions. 


Also, men account for 62% of C-suite roles, while women hold only 20%.

Besides the statistics, we all feel there is still a lot of work to be done in this area - right? 


Let's be the ones whose actions move these numbers in a positive direction. 


If you have an idea on how to be a part of this campaign, email us at [email protected], and we can talk about it.

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The First Be All You Want to Be Event

On February 23rd, we hosted our first Be All You Want to Be event in our office. We opened our office doors to a fantastic networking event where all the participants had a chance to get their professional business photos done. The goal was to expand our network, share inspiring stories, and support everyone who wanted to enhance their personal brand on online business platforms.