Increasing eCommerce Revenues With Einstein Intelligence – Where AI Becomes EI

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Merchants and marketers rely on different analytics tools to increase their revenues. They can choose from a range of practical solutions that are being updated as we speak.


Many of them are smart tools that collect data about customers’ e-commerce habits. This information is valuable to marketers and merchants when they’re preparing special campaigns and tailor-made offers.


Still, there aren’t many tools that manage to fully utilize the benefits of artificial intelligence.


This is where Salesforce Einstein intelligence (EI) comes on stage. In the next few lines, we’ll explain how it can improve your results in the e-commerce environment.



Where AI Becomes EI


E-commerce analytics solutions track and store customers’ behavior on e-stores and other similar websites. While they’re practical tools, they give you information from the past. Of course, this data can enhance targeting customers, remarketing, and other features.


But apart from recollection, modern e-commerce entrepreneurs need to invest in anticipation.


Salesforce Einstein covers both bases but aims at providing detailed information that ensures an accurate predictive analysis of customers’ expectations.


Once installed, Einstein will collect data about every customer, groups of customers, and potential target audiences on the market.


For instance, when a first-time customer comes to a website, this AI tool will get familiar with their habits at once. It will memorize every purchase they make on the website and their preferences in general.


From this data, Einstein will be able to prepare special offers, discounts, and recommendations, based on user’s behavior on the website. In a nutshell, there’s no relativity when it comes to this Einstein and its efficiency in e-commerce.


With every new bit of information, this solution will keep making more accurate and relevant recommendations to prospective customers. What’s more, it takes into account the specifics of every business and the specific requests made by business owners.


As a result, their satisfaction with the e-commerce platform in question will keep growing.


The bottom line: if that’s your platform, you’ll be increasing sales in a steady way.



A(I)ddiction to EI-Prediciton


In Einstein intelligence, prediction is a two-way process.


On the one hand, vendors receive tons of data about their customers’ purchases, visits, and habits in general.


On the other, customers get accustomed to receiving customized offers, both while on the website in question and via special email offers.


What merchants and website owners mostly benefit from is the ability to get in-depth insights into customers’ behavioral patterns. This also means that the data collected that way is available not only to the owners and managers but to entire teams.


As a result, they can use this information to suggest customized deals to individual customers and larger audiences.



Present Actions for Future Reactions


The behavioral and economic data collected by Einstein intelligence enables sales representatives to make better results. In other words, they can rely on that data to develop more personal relationships with target customers.


In addition to that, a large part of the interaction between customers and the website can be automated.


For instance, Automated Send-Time Optimization is largely used by marketers to make better use of email marketing. With this EI-feature, they can set the time of email delivery to fit into subscribers’ shopping habits and schedules. If Mark Potter usually buys something from your website between 5 pm and 7 pm, he should get a special email offer in that period.


Einstein intelligence enables merchants and marketers to apply this type of automation in a highly individualized manner.


The more specific data EI collects, the more accurate automation will be. Hence, you can increase the level of prediction you apply to your customers.


Once your customers realize that you’re making their lives easier by offering them exactly what they need, they’re highly likely to develop a certain addiction to prediction.





Since e-commerce is growing at a lightning speed, it’s recommended for ventures in this niche to start using Salesforce Einstein intelligence. It will help them collect and process data about customers’ purchases and, more importantly, improve the level of anticipation.


With the use of this AI-engine, merchants can sort specific search results for customers and enhance their shopping experience.


Together with the tailor-made recommendations, based on the intelligence obtained by EI, they will enter the whole new world of opportunities for increased revenues.


To conclude, the more customers they win over, the more details Einstein intelligence will keep collecting about each of them. As a result, e-commerce businesses using this AI-tool will get ahead of the competition and establish new rules in the niche.

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Nikola Gorjanac