Every word has its own weight.

Words are incredibly impactful in every sphere of our lives. In business, they reflect the type of communication that prevails in every kind of organization, and how they are perceived by each person affects a company’s development.

March is behind us, a month known as Women’s History Month, where we show special gratitude and appreciation for all women all around the world.

“The Power of Words” is our small contribution to this global campaign that celebrates women throughout history and their role in making the world a better place. It is also meant to inspire all the great women of today to show their strength in the business world.

Words have power, and the ones we choose to use determine our relationships and shape the world around us.

Each of the amazing women at our Hive shared one powerful word that inspires and describes them. They embody the virtues that make our company complete, and their core values are the foundation and driving force behind our success.

AMBITION - At Bee IT, we strive to learn from each other and push ourselves to achieve greatness, even in small everyday tasks. Our colleagues are achievers who don't let setbacks drive them away from their goals. We encourage everyone in our team to be curious, wonder, and learn because the world is at our fingertips.

KINDNESS and CARING - Being kind and caring is a sign of mental health that is rooted in self-acceptance. Technology is speeding up our lives and making the world a smaller place. Yet people are losing their connection with themselves and with one another. We are proud that our team is made of people who care about their colleagues and treat them with understanding, compassion, and a kind spirit.

PERSISTENCE – It’s important to be aware that obstacles are an integral part of any area of life, whether it’s professional, economic, cultural, or social. The sooner we identify any obstacles in our path, the easier they are to deal with. We strive to stay committed to our goals, finish what we started and keep focused, even when we come across challenges. We stay persistent and support each other every step of the way.

OPEN-MINDEDNESS - While aiming for certain goals in life, we should allow ourselves to be open to new opportunities and let go of rigid sets of rules we feel we must follow. Being open to new people, new experiences, new situations, and new projects, grows us as human beings, which is one of the key factors for building a healthy company in the long run.

DEDICATION and HARD WORK - Our team approaches everything with great care and attention to detail in order to achieve the desired goal. In business, it's important to have passion for what you do and put extra effort into doing your job the best you can. We are proud of our colleagues for being dedicated and working hard to be successful, while still maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

RESPONSIBILITY - The key to achieving our plans and goals is to be responsible, dependable, and able to keep promises and honor our commitments. Having a responsible team that you can count on in any situation enhances the quality of your business and empowers your company down the path you choose to take.

STRENGTH - A strong and courageous character is the basis for self-awareness, which helps you be a positive role model for others in your environment. We are always there to give each other strength to follow through on our goals, never give up on them, and not be afraid of failure.

ENTHUSIASM - An important part of our jobs at our Hive is to be enthusiastic. Approaching everyday tasks with enthusiasm takes away the fear of the unknown and makes it possible to achieve almost anything. Our Bees walk bravely in any situation because they nurture the right attitude and mindset.

SENSITIVITY - We care for each other's feelings and advise our team to take time for themselves on a daily basis. Being sensitive enables us to better understand our colleagues and accept each other’s differences. This creates a workplace in which everyone feels comfortable and builds an environment of trust. When each member of the team is respected and treated appropriately, you’re able to build an effective, productive, and engaged collective.

DETERMINATION - At Bee IT, we know that the path to any success is to take determined and persistent actions. It takes a lot of patience, strength, and perseverance, and that journey is not easy at all. But in the end, the results are beyond belief. We are guided by the fact that even if we fail at something, we do our best to learn from it to do a better job next time. This is an integral part of our business.

COACHING – An essential part of every team is having good mentors and coaches who follow their employees' development path and steer them in the right direction. We carefully listen to our teammates and encourage new members of our team to ask as many questions as possible. This drives interactions and promotes open and transparent communication, which is one of the core values of our Hive.

HUMOR - We love seeing our colleagues laughing and having a great time because laughter is one of the most valuable and contagious emotions. Our team is full of people who have a great sense of humor and bring happiness to our work every single day. They are always ready to make our teammates smile and crack hilarious jokes every chance they get.

EXPLORATION and ADVENTURE - Exploration is of great importance to us because it builds mutual understanding among people while enabling them to gain valuable experience. Software development and e-commerce are inherently related to exploring, so we like to say that our team is made of adventurers who take all the chances they get and make them worthwhile. We believe that we have already found our treasure, and that is our teammates.

FIGHTER MENTALITY - In life, you should fight for your rights, needs, and dreams, and feel free to say no. As we love to say, you should focus on having a “fighter” mentality. So, go that extra mile. Don’t hesitate to express your opinion, especially if something is out of place for you. No one knows better than you what you desire and what inspires you to keep growing and moving forward.

PHILOSOPHY - Philosophy is the foundation of critical and creative thinking. You should never forget that life is beautiful and that our happiness depends on our attitude and point of view. So far, we have learned so much as a team, and we know we have more yet to learn. We are wiser than we were yesterday, and that inspires and drives us to be even better tomorrow.



All these powerful words represent our colleagues, both female and male.

They are the values that drive our Hive and make it a place where everyone feels at home and happy to see each other.

We are grateful for having so many diverse profiles of people in our team who, with their commitment, knowledge and skills, keep our company on the right path.

Remember, employees are the mirror of every company, and your organization is worth as much as the people who make it what it is.

So, choose your words wisely, and watch your people and company develop into all that they can be.

The power of word